Wednesday, July 22, 2020


The Ease of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring restoration and fix seems like an incredibly challenging topic in concept -- especially when you are not a do-it-yourselfer, also you do not wish to get your hands dirty with real world building. Hardwood flooring installation is a intricate process, but altering the color of your floors is really as simple as one, two, three.

Here are the measures for hardwood flooring refinishing:

1. Sand your flooring down during preparation.

Depending on the nature of your floor, you may have to do multiple passes with different grades of grits -- every 1 finer than the last -- to make sure the flooring is smooth enough to accept whatever polyurethane or stain you employ.

2. Lay down the blot.

Pick a colour, or go au naturel. You can choose from a variety of goods, such as ebony, gold oak, mid-color products, etc.. Bear in mind that every floor has different demands. The color and type of stain that you pick, as well as the application procedure, should depend on the aesthetics you are attempting to accomplish, the age of the timber, its grade as well as the species of timber.

3. Coat the floor with polyurethane.

Most people utilize oil-based polyurethanes. You may select from among various options, such as glossy, matte, and satin. The vast majority (~95%) of people choose satin, since this type of finish will show fewer scratches.

If you refinish the floor and eliminate the present stain or merely apply glaze?

Glazes can work, but they remain on the surface, and they can burn with time. When they do weather down, they could leave unseemly lighter stains. Glaze may be the ideal option, however, if you have really thin engineered floor planks, or in the event that you simply can not deal with all the sanding for any reason (too expensive, not the right gear, allergic to dust, etc).

We'll Help You Opt for a Refinishing Process That is Best for You

For unfinished hardwood flooring installation or help with any refinishing processes, call the team at Floor Sanding Wimbledon at 020 3369 3299 for a free quote. We can help you figure out which process works best for the flooring you have, to secure you the floors you've always wanted!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


If you're searching for assistance with your wood floor installation procedure, have a beat and listen to the mission critical details.

Wood floor manufacturers are now recommending that clients should only choose contractors who are NWFA accredited.

To achieve certification, contractors must pass written examinations of comprehension of key guidelines and meet business standards. Additionally they must demonstrate their skills and obtain continuing education credits every year to demonstrate proficiency. The NWFA provides certificate for a variety of aspects of the wood floor process, including commercial review, sand and finish, installation, and sales.

The good news is that the rankings of this organization are swelling. Within the previous five decades, the amount of certified professionals has jeopardized by nearly 300%. More and more consumers and producers now recognize the value of creating and hewing to industry standards.

Here is how among those board members of this NWFACP, Roy Reichow, described the mission: "The prevalence of wood flooring has grown substantially during the past few decades, however...our sector has experienced a decrease in earnings while enduring an increase in complaints... this app offers manufacturers an opportunity to decrease claims by ensuring their products are installed by accredited professionals."

At the conclusion of the day, quality matters. Professionalism matters. So why do some customers choose"low quality" contractors?

Reasons abound. Possibly the most crucial is price: it's sometimes cheaper to decide on a non-certified builder to perform certain work. You might"get lucky" and find a contractor who does a good job. But should you choose poorly, and the builder does a bad job, you'll need to pay a lot of money and time to fix the problems.

You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to acquire top quality workmanship. Floor Sanding Wimbledon Now at for assistance with your wood flooring installation needs.

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Day care for wood floors is really important. Why? Even though floor refreshing specialists can provide a service to fully restore your hardwood flooring, daily patterns are what will keep along with dirt building up. So many of our customers tell us when their hardwood flooring is first laid they construct a cleaning routine. This might include daily sweeping, buying products that are formulated for hardwood flooring and taking care of the floors.

After a time, these patterns don't automatically last. But, it's actually important that they perform as it will enhance the appearance of your flooring and it'll be certain it stands the test of time.

We've put together the following guidance That Will Help You Take Care of your hardwood floors:

Be certain that you come up with a cleaning regimen which you could follow. Wood flooring should ideally be caught every day. This usually means that particles and dirt could be taken out of the ground. If those were to be abandoned, they will probably scratch the ground and deteriorate the outside timber finish.

Purchase cleaning products that are specifically formulated for wood floors. General cleaning products may damage the wood finish which you have. They may also offer poor excellent results which wind up being costly and time-consuming. We offer invaluable information to our clients in relation to the very best wood cleaning products to purchase to their floor.

Place pads beneath your furniture. With no soft pads, furniture may scratch and damage your flooring. Doing so routinely to some brand new furniture will inevitably keep your flooring looking at its very best.

However, whenever your flooring have served their best and only require a little TLC, we're readily available to help. We are experienced floor sanders and function Wimbeldon region. If You Want to organize a floor restoring quote, please phone our friendly staff on 020 3369 3299 .

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Smoked Oak Engineered Flooring for a Cozy Atmosphere

Smoking timber is a age-old tradition that has been used to conserve timber because the beginning of the 20th century. A method that's reported to have been released by Gustav Stickley, it led to a look that actually accumulated interest with all the arts and crafts movement of this moment. Flooring and furnishings of the era generally possess a smoked walnut finish. Smoked walnut engineered floor is a modern day improvement of the original idea and attracts all of the beauty and allure of the age-old heritage bang current.

Combining the fantastic appearances of century-old flooring including all the benefits that smoked oak engineered flooring offers genuinely leads to the very best of both worlds for a person who's searching for something only a tiny bit different. In this guide, we wish to share quite a few smoked oak choices that we believe you will enjoy as much as we all do.

Bright and light

Although smoking timber tends to make it darker, in the instance of the Select Engineered Oak flooring that is Dark Smoked and White UV oiled it is its lightness that makes it just stunning. A floor that's been smoked but subsequently white UV oiled, you get a magic combination of the dark undertones and the snowy fore, making for a really interesting finish. This style of floor works really well in casual settings and has the great benefit of being suited for installation throughout the whole home -- even in which you have under floor heating.

Natural and neutral

This Select Engineered Oak flooring that is Click system, Dark Smoked, Brushed and UV oiled is what you would expect a bamboo flooring to be. It is a genuine classic but with all the ease of modern engineered floors. In reality, its surface is indeed intriguing, it makes you want to reach down and touch it. Add to this, the simple fact that this flooring is click program, so it is ever so simple to install and you soon see why this remedy is such a major hit with so a lot of our clients.

Rich, honey color

If you want a really wealthy, traditionally smoked appearance, then this natural engineered oak floor that's click system, smoked, brushed and UV oiled is right for you. Another click system floor, meaning that even relatively novice DIY-ers can take this one on, this flooring is a great rich, dark honey color. It adds itself to both modern and traditional interiors and it is an option which you're sure to never tire of.

Really different

And lastly, if you are on the watch for something quite different, then this prime engineered oak herringbone
flooring is right for you. It's been dark smoked and then brushed and white lacquered which means the contrast between dark and light is really apparent and attractive. When you include this magnificent finish to the herringbone design, what you wind up with is a floor that will be the envy of all your friends and family. Or alternatively there's this Prime Engineered oak floor in a chevron pattern that's been painted and brushed, then finished with a UV acrylic . When you match this floor, you're introducing an age old tradition into your home, both in terms of the smoking of the floor and the parquet styling. Yet, once again, you have all of the fantastic benefits that engineered floors brings.

So as you can see, if you are on the market for stained oak engineered floors, there's lots of selection. The only real limitation to what you may attain is the creativity. But at Floor Sanding Wimbledon , we could help you take advantage of this also. We have seen each one these flooring work in a whole plethora of different configurations, so we will be able to assist you with ideas which are only a little different, that you mayn't have guessed about yourself. All you have to do is contact and let's get to perform on a variety of thoughts for you.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Wear and Tear of Your Hardwood

With family, loved ones, and pets tracking through your home on a regular basis, your hardwood floor is bound to have taken a beating. Here are some tips when it comes to cleaning your floor following a sizable gathering and some basic instructions to keep your floor looking pristine:

  1. Make sure that you wipe up spills as soon as possible.
  2. Vacuums, sweep, or mop your hardwood flooring at least once every week. Nevertheless, ensure that your vacuum attachment is soft so that it doesn't damage your floor.
  3. Place rugs and mats in places at entrances to cut down on moisture and dirt tracked in from outside.
  4. Place down carpets in high traffic areas -- make Sure these are breathable to prevent moisture from being trapped
  5. Protect your floor from direct sunlight
When cleansing your hardwood flooring, make sure you don't utilize and harsh cleaners such as detergents, bleaches, or abrasive additives. Attempt to keep your flooring dry when cleaning as far as possible. Also ensure that your floor is protected from furniture which may scratch or dent the floor with shield pads. Want more information on cleaning or protecting your hardwood flooring? Give your hardwood flooring specialists a call at Floor Sanding Wimbledon .


The Ease of Refinishing Hardwood Floors Hardwood flooring restoration and fix seems like an incredibly challenging topic in concept --...